5F-MN-24 is a new chemical research compound that is an analog to MN-24 often referred to as NNEi,5F-MN-24 for sale, Erowid, Reddit, legality


5F-MN-24 is a new chemical research compound that is an analog to MN-24 often referred to as NNEi. The chemical formula for 5F-MN-24 is C24H23FN2O. 5F-MN-24 for sale,Erowid,Reddit,legality

However, since the compound is so new we must look at the analog in order to learn more about 5F-MN-24. NNEi has an IUPAC name of N-(1-Naphthyl)-1-pentyl-1H-indole-3-carboxamide.

The molecular formula is C24H24N2O with an average mass of 356.460205 Da and a monoisotopic mass of 356.188873 Da.

Research on NNEi was conducted by ACD/Labs and ChemAxon. Properties that were predicted by ACD/Labs showed 3 #H bond acceptors, 6 #Freely rotating bonds, index of refraction at 1.616 with a surface tension of 43.67.0 dyne/cm, a flashpoint of 252.7.0 21.2 C, and a boiling point of 494.3 18.0 C at 760 mmHg.

Properties that were predicted by ChemAxon included a topology analysis, which showed an atom count of 51, bond count of 54, cyclomatic number of 4, chain atom count of 8, chain bond count of 9, asymmetric atom count of 0, and rotatable bond count of 6. 5F-MN-24 for sale, Erowid, Reddit, legality. buy MPHP

Under geometry, the volume is 338.90 3, minimal projection area of 53.86 3 and the maximal projection area was 121.79 3. NNEi is a crystalline solid with a stability of 2 years when stored properly at -20 degrees Celsius.

`5F-MN-24 and NNEi are at this time classified as research compounds. This means they are not intended for human or animal consumption and should be used in controlled settings for scientific or forensic research studies.

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