AM 2201 N-(4-fluoropentyl) isomer is a derivative of AM2201, which is a potent synthetic cannabinoid (CB) with Ki values of 1.0 and 2.6 nM for the central CB1 and peripheral CB2 receptors,,buy,how to make am 2201,am 2201 liquid,am 2201 for sale,mam-2201


AM 2201 N-(4-fluoropenyl) isomer is a derivative of AM2201, which is a potent synthetic cannabinoid (CB) with Ki values of 1.0 and 2.6 nM for the central CB1 and peripheral CB2 receptors, respectively. am-2201 for sale, buy, how to make am 2201, am 2201 liquid, am 2201 for sale, mam-2201.

The physiological actions and metabolism of this isomer have not been characterized.

AM-2201(1-(5-fluoropentyl)-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole) is a recreational designer drug that acts as a potent but nonselective full agonist for the cannabinoid receptor.

It is part of the AM series of cannabinoids discovered by Alexandros Makriyannis at Northeastern University.
It is a full agonist for cannabinoid receptors. Affinities are: with a Ki of 1.0 nM at CB1 and 2.6 nM at CB2.

The 4-methyl functional analog MAM-2201 probably has similar affinities. It has an EC50 of 38 nM for human CB1 receptors, and 58 nM for human CB2 receptors.
AM-2201 produces bradycardia and hypothermia in rats at doses of 0.3 3 mg/kg, comparable to the potency of JWH-018 in rats, suggesting potent cannabinoid-like activity.

With respect to the continuous emergence of new synthetic cannabinoids on the market since 2008, evaluation of the metabolism of these compounds and the development of analytical methods for the detection of these drugs including their respective metabolites in biological fluids have become essential. MAM-2201

Other than JWH-018 or JWH-073, It is one of the frequently identified synthetic cannabinoids in Korea. Recently, in our laboratory, several JWH-018 metabolites have been detected in some urine samples obtained from subjects who were arrested for the possession of herbal mixtures containing only AM-2201 or from those who confessed AM-2201 abuse.
In the present study, we identified major urinary metabolites of AM-2201 and several metabolites of JWH-018, i.e., N-5-hydroxylated and carboxylated metabolites from rats administered AM-2201 and found that the metabolic profile in rats was similar to those in human subjects in this for sale, mam-2201

Analytical results of the urine samples from suspects who had a considerable possibility of AM-2201 or JWH-018 intake were also compared to distinguish between AM-2201 and JWH-018,buy,how to make am 2201,am 2201 liquid, am 2201 for sale. JWH 073

The presence of 6-indole hydroxylated metabolites of each drug and N-4-hydroxy metabolite of AM-2201 was found to contribute to the decisive differences in the metabolic patterns of the two drugs.
In addition, the concentration ratio of the N-(5-hydroxypentyl) metabolite to the N-(4-hydroxypentyl) metabolite of JWH-018 may be used as a criterion to differentiate between AM-2201 and JWH-018 abuse.

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