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We’ve crossed our Baby Boom Auto with one of our best CBD strains and the result is truly awesome; This versatile plant is a grower’s delight. baby boom auto review, baby boom strain, speedy boom auto, ginger punch auto

The heredity of Northern Light x Blueberry provides the psychoactive part and mixed with our CBD gives a strain that can be consumed the whole day.

This plant will bombard you with highly cerebral effects making it possible to manage pain, inflammatory testicular processes, insomnia, fibrillation, Inflammatory bowel diseases, etc. It eases mild muscular pains, producing a state of active relaxation. Appetite will also be increased.

This variety is very pleasant to take due to its aromas of aged wood mixed with sweet-and-sour and the sweetness of our CBD. speedy boom auto

This plant is easy to grow if you are careful not to over-fertilize. The plant is of average-height, surprising for an auto-flowering plant, with long and ample buds, quite resistant to plagues, and with high productivity.

Blueberry, Northern Lights, and a CBD-rich strain are involved in the formation of it. Even though this strain is Indica-dominant, the effects are quite cerebral and uplifting, rather than sleepy and narcotic.

The sweet and fruity flavors delight one’s taste buds. It is developed around 9% THC and 9% CBD, a solid 1:1 ratio.

From seed to harvest, it takes around 55-60 days to fully mature those fruity buds. This auto flower grows quite tall one can expect heights to reach 80-150cm. The yields amount to around 450g/mg. baby boom strain

Baby Boom Auto CBD is mostly grown for personal use since it doesn’t develop enough weight for commercial purposes. baby boom auto review

It has a relaxing effect. It is known to be high in productivity and plague resistant. It also has a high medicinal value.

It delivers a spicy/fruity taste and smell.

Planting Indoors

The photoperiod is 18-20 hours, with a flowering cycle of  55-60 days. It reaches an average height of between 80-110 cm and delivers a yield of approximately 450g per m2.ginger punch auto

Planting Outdoors

Plant between March and October. The average height will be between 80cm and 150cm, with an expected yield of 200g per plant.

Baby Boom Auto CBD can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age. Speedy Boom Auto. Speedy Boom Auto

Baby Boom Auto CBD is not for human consumption. king-cobra

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