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From our huge collection of mothers, we have revived the Ginger Ale for public release. ginger punch auto Reddit, reviews, strain, Leafly, grow

This variety combined with the best of the autoflowering spirit results in a plant that is highly resistant to both plagues and fungi, extremely productive and has the sweet flavour of strawberry candy.

And it only needs 65 days of flowering from seed! The taste goes far beyond any other autoflowerer on the market, with a smell and flavor so sweet that you will have to use powerful odor filters from early flowering stages indoors.

Outdoors we recommend April to September planting. To guarantee optimum results, plant in pots of over 7 litres.

Ginger Punch has a relaxing effect and plague resistant.

It delivers a sweet/fruity taste and smell. ginger punch auto reddit, reviews, strain, Leafly, grow.

Ginger Punch Auto has a delicious strawberry and caramel flavor that also lets off the same aroma when flowering this can be a giveaway when growing outdoors, and if you grow indoors you’ll need to use an anti-odor filter or you might cause a bit of a ruckus with your neighbors.

Indoors these plants grow short and strong 9 plants per square meter should be enough to fill it out. You’ll need to do a lot of trimming when it’s ready to harvest, but keep the leftovers if you’re into making extracts because this plant can yield an incredible amount of resin. You can harvest up to 300g if you give your plants plenty of space and light.mikromachine-auto

Planting Indoors

The photoperiod is 18-20 hours, with a flowering cycle of 65 days. It reaches an average height of between 50-60 cm, and delivers a yield of approximately 400g per m2.

Planting Outdoors

Plant between March and October. The average height will be between 60cm and 90cm, with an expected yield of 200g per plant.

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