Hexecaine research chemical is a brand new proprietary blend consisting of N-Ethyl-Hexedrone aka N-E-H.Hexecaine consists of N-Ethyle-Hexedrone and very high
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This product is a proprietary blend consisting of N-Ethly Hexedrone aka N-E-H, designed to make the research of this compound easier in the lab, making it more akin to other compounds that require a license to study.Hexecaine,n-ethylhexedrone buy,nep drug,n-ethyl-hexedrone review,3-mmc

Hexecaine consists of N-Ethyl hexedrone and a high purity pharmaceutical grade numbing agent comparable to lidocaine, benzocaine and novocaine.

This product does not consist of any other research chemicals nor any other compound with stimulant properties such as caffeine.

Researchers of N-E-H know that the potency of this compound can make measuring the material difficult for research without a high accuracy scale.

It is for this reason that we have tweaked our manufacturing process in order to create a compound that offers a safer approach to your testing delivering results similar to pre-ban stimulants (4mmc & MDPV) but with guaranteed purity and quality and within the legal boundaries of many western states where a license would otherwise be required.3-MMC

N-ethylhexedrone is a molecule of the cathinone chemical class. The term “substituted cathinone” refers to a broad array of substances based on cathinone, the principal active constituent of the khat plant.

Cathinone is principally constituted of an amphetamine core (a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group attached to the alpha carbon) and an oxygen group attached to the beta carbon. Cathinones are also known as the beta-ketone (?k) (double-bonded oxygen to the ?-carbon) analogs of amphetamines.

Notably, the cathinone backbone can be modified in three different places to create hundreds of possible compounds, which include substituents such as on the aromatic ring, the alpha carbon, or the amine group.

Very little data exists on the human pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of N-ethylhexedrone and other substituted cathinones.

Like amphetamines, synthetic cathinones exert their stimulating and sympathomimetic effects via increasing synaptic concentration of catecholamines such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

These molecules are able to inhibit monoamine reuptake transporters producing a decreased clearance of the neurotransmitters from the synapse. Furthermore, they may cause the release of biogenic amines from intracellular stores. Hexecaine, n-ethylhexedrone buy, nep drug, n-ethyl-hexedrone review, 3-MMC

Synthetic cathinones are generally less able than amphetamines to cross the blood-brain barrier because the beta-keto group causes an increase in polarity.mdmai

Unlike other synthetic cathinones, pyrrolidine derivatives have a higher ability to cross the blood-brain barrier because the pyrrolidine ring confers a low polarity to these molecules.

The studies on the metabolism of synthetic cathinones have shown that they are N-demethylated, the keto group is reduced to hydroxyl, and ring alkyl groups are oxidised.


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