Speedy Boom Auto


Speedy Boom Auto (Speedy gonzales), from the seedbank Kannabia, is the crossing of one of the most recognized strains of this seedbank, marijuana Queen of Africa, with a 100% automatic.


Speedy Boom Auto

Speedy Boom Auto (Speedy gonzales), from the seedbank Kannabia, is the crossing of one of the most recognized strains of this seed bank, marijuana Queen of Africa, with a 100% automatic.

The result is a plant with vigorous growth and fir shaped, growing up to 80cm. Its leaves are long, narrow and serrated of light green color.

In bloom this fantastic strain give us some bunches of flowers highlighting the main point above the lower branches.

Its short internodal distance is ideal for growing it indoors where it has given the best results, being able to obtain plants with buds compacts as stones if we reduce the hours of light in the last weeks of flowering.

The seed bank Kannabia recommend 7L pots for optimal results, and it can be grown from March to October with a production of up to 80g per plant.

Its powerful effect will be stimulant and euphoric, with progressive rise, and a spicy aftertaste. It is recommended as medicals cannabis for the treatment of diseases related to depression.

Features of Speedy Boom Auto (Speedy gonzales) from Kannabia:

    • Genetics: Ruderalis x Queen of Africa 100%
    • Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
    • Outdoor yield: 50-80 grams per plant
    • THC content: Medium / High
    • Harvest Indoor: 65-70 days
    • Outdoor Harvest: March to October

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