Super OG Master Kush


Strain Name: Super OG Master Kush Genetics: Super Kush (Hindu Kush x N.L. #5) x OG x Master Kush
Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid  Indica Dominant


Strain Name: Super OG Master Kush, master kush price, master of allbud, master kush allbud
Genetics: Super Kush (Hindu Kush x N.L. #5) x OG x Master Kush, Kama Kush CBD
Grade: A+
Type: Hybrid  Indica Dominant
Looks: A king sitting on a throne. This is the cream of the crop right here. It has magnificent shades of green and yellow-green, with fluorescent orange hairs.

Looks like it has been lightly sugared. They come in incredibly large chunks (super-sized). This is the largest and most intimidating OG kush I have ever seen.
Smell: Really DANK! with some pine for a great scent.

The minute I opened the bottle, the aroma infested my entire house in a good ten minutes. Definitely strong scent; got all my pets high off the smell. Pretty skunky too. master kush price

Taste: Like every citrus fruit just merged into one giant marijuana nugget. It has a great taste, I wanted to sprinkle some of it on my food. The smoke is a strong harsh thick one.
Effects: Will bash your head in. This super potent bud is amazing. A massive indica effect on the body with some mental images if you take enough. master of allbud

It has you feeling really calm and relaxed. If you lay down, it will feel like you are on top of a cloud. This strain is very rare, and its genetics make it so special.

This one is truly my favorite Los Angeles strain. Purple Kush
Potency: 11/10! No matter how long you have been smoking, this strain will have you coughing your lungs out.

Be careful on how much you intake also, you don’t want to knock out with one long toke.
Reviewed by: HighCrow
Good Strain For Relaxing, creative thoughts, anxiety, muscle relaxer, minor couch lock, imagining, minor energy boost, and increased appetite.master kush allbud

The buds have a sweet smell of pine and citrus. Super OG Master Kush marijuana can be bought from us. This cannabis strain is good for evening and nighttime medicinal and recreational use.4-MEC

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